Blessed are the cracked for they let the light in

"Blessed are the cracked as they let the light in " Spike Milligan 
Houses cracked and broken filled with weeds for the open house scene with @beckyblairartist.

Exclusive and happening in May, Brighton.

Amy Douglas at House of Hackney

Visit House of Hackney St Michaels, the beautiful new showroom set in a gothic ecclesiastical enclave to see Amy's anarchic ceramic interventions fully at home in a place of timeless and maximalist wonder!

New Studio and 2022 Studio Sale

Amy has recently moved to a new studio. An online sale took place in March. Thankyou to all those who took home a new mantlepiece friend!  To be notified of future sales, please visit the Contact page to add your email to the mailing list.

Figuratively - Llantarnham Grange
Bollocks 1.jpg

Figuratively - work on show as part of exhibition at Llantarnam Grange alongside a group of artists who all make reference to the tradition of mass-produced figures created primarily in Staffordshire from the 18th century onwards, exploring clay techniques as well as humanity and humour.

Show dates: 20.11.21 — 22.01.22

Ornamental Pieces - Atelier Beside the Sea
Screenshot 2022-02-20 at 11.25.55.png

Orna-Mantle-Pieces. A Staffordshire Pottery Inspired Show. Artists and makers celebrate the folk art charm of these figurines from the potteries of Central England over 100 years’ ago. A homage to this traditional Victorian craft.⁠ 

Show dates: 16.09.21 --- 24.10.21 

Welcome To My World: ceramics with narrative - The Burton at Bideford
The Sneeze2_edited.jpg

Amy's work features as part of Welcome To My World: ceramics with narrative: bringing the work of contemporary artists addressing cultural, social and political issues through the medium of clay to The Burton at Bideford.

Show dates: 22/07/21 – 06/10/21