Henry Willett’s thesis was that “the history of a country may be traced on its homely pottery ....on the mantelpieces of English cottage homes, representations of what its inmates or their forefathers admired, reverenced, trusted in a kind of unconscious survival of the Lares and Penates [household gods] of the ancients.” Brighton Museum 


" It's because I have a tilted uterus"  2016

     I make sculptural works from broken Staffordshire pottery figurines, surreal interventions connected to the original body of the pottery . Where the piece is broken directs what it is I can do.Thoughtfully and often with humour, fusing narrative and historical context to create a unique and extraordinary object for our extraordinary times.

     Working with  traditional restoration techniques ,and forming my own version of an extreme kintsugi repair with the craft of gesso and gilding materials, recipes from the C14th, I create and re-invent these objects, a folk art reloaded .

   I am always interested with the  narrative that comes with ownership of objects , hereditary tales of families and individuals becomes integral to the story of the inanimate . 

The nations' KnickKnacks are the props to the stories of our lives , loves and travels ,personal folktales . I read folktales , myths and legends from around the world, which often are the same story in a different guise , a collective consciousness .

   I like to play and subvert things around, connecting the present to the past and hope people look twice in our inattentive untangible world . To listen to the stories . 

    My work has been shown in New York at The Jack Hanley Gallery and is currently on show at Paul Smith Albermarle St Mayfair , London. I am in numerous private collections around the world .


Selected Exhibitions


Figuratively , Llantaranam Grange , Wales 2021

Ornamantel Pieces , Atelier beside the Sea, Brighton 2021


Welcome to my World , Burton Gallery, Bideford 2021


Paul Smith   Albermarle St,Mayfair, London 2020

Lulu Guinness Lulu Loves 2020


Menargie, Gallery68 , Sept , 2019

Glitter Bunnies, Forartsake, London , May 2019

Collect 18, Saatchi Gallery,Cynthia Corbett,2018 

Young Masters, Pall Mall Gallery, Cynthia Corbett 2017 


The Unfortunate Souvenirs of our Time : Jack Hanley Gallery  2017

The Art of Salmagundi : Jack Hanley Gallery, New York , 2016 

High Anxiety

Artist Statement