Amy Douglas makes small sculptures from broken Staffordshire Flatbacks.......

" It's because I have a tilted uterus"  2016

Amy has exhibited extensively over the years  from  a solo show in New York at Jack Hanley , Collect at the Saatchi gallery and Paul Smith at Albermarle St

Her work is in numerous private collections .

The Art of Salmagundi a project  that has been quietly evolving from around 2008.

"Salmagundi" is an old french and middle english word relating to a hodgepodge of things, a mixture and a variety of ingredients. 
 As an artist her practice involves applied arts and the transformation of broken objects. The broken Staffordshire ceramic figures each have a unique break or loss. This adds an element of serendipity to the project. Each piece had an original theme or identity , Amy adds a twist on the original figurine, and creates a modern surreal story, an opera in the inanimate for our extraordinary times. It takes quite a while to source the perfect broken object , hence the serendipity and pace of the studio practice. That is the objects can't be knocked out commercially and are unique as no object is found broken in the same place.

Amy's bread and butter is to restore ceramics and decorative arts for clients. The job of the restorer is to try and mimic what the artist has done before, to place yourself in the artists past applications, how they made a mark , mixed a glaze. To deceive the modern viewer into believing what they are seeing is work of the past. 

Amy started her art career at Edinburgh College of Art in 1991, then trained in The Decorative Arts at The City and Guilds of London Art School ,and has an MA in printmaking from Camberwell College of Art. 



Selected Exhibitions


Paul Smith  Albermarle St 2020

Menargie, Gallery68 , Sept , 2019

Glitter Bunnies, Forartsake, London , May 2019


The Little Shop on Northdown, Margate,2018 

Collect 18, Saatchi Gallery,Cynthia Corbett,2018 

Young Masters, Pall Mall Gallery, Cynthia Corbett 2017 

The Art of Salmagundi : Jack Hanley Gallery, New York Jan, 2016 

Art Cologne: Jack Hanley Gallery,2016 

Re-animate,repair,meld,mend: BluecoatDisplay Centre,Liverpool ,2015 

The Masters:Relief printmaking, Bankside Gallery,London,2015 

AAF Battersea: Jamm Gallery,London, 2015 

AAF Hampstead:Jamm Gallery,London, 2014 

The Art of Salamagundi:Brixi,Brixton,London 2013 

Maggs beneath the covers: Maggs Bros,Mayfair,London, 2012 

Out of the Box : No Formatt Gallery,London, 2012 


Precious: Brighton & Hove Museum 2008